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G.P.S. Tactical Bugout Backpack

by Mary and Dr. Jim Clary

NOW, before you jump to the conclusion that this is just another backpack, read on. THIS piece of equipment is unlike anything that you have ever used

Natural and man-made disasters can occur without warning. From tornadoes, floods and hurricanes to civil unrest, it is essential to be prepared, IF you want to survive. To be prepared means that you must have some very specific items stored in one place (and preferably in a single container) ready to go, if the occasion arises. This backpack is such a container. It is not a “typical” outdoorsman backpack, it is a true tactical combat quality piece of equipment that will withstand the toughest environments and guaranteed to last for “the duration” and longer.

This backpack has ample space to store your “readiness gear” as well as a handgun retention system for two pistols and two dual magazine pouches.

Among the items we added to our backpack were toilet paper, two FRS/GMRS Baofeng radios, a first aid kit, 100-feet of parachute cord and a metal water bottle. There were other essential items which we DID NOT have to add because they came standard with this backpack.

They include: a 3 Function Adjustable Beam Flashlight, a 4.5″ Fixed Blade Survival Knife, a Stainless steel Multi-Function Tool, and a Lensatic Compass. We would like to bring up an important point: These are NOT cheap items simply added in to attract buyers. They are tough pieces of equipment which will stand up to whatever comes their way. BTW, that multi-function tool is really tough.... better than most of the popular ones on the market.

As with all G.P.S. Equipment, the Tactical Bugout Backpack is equipped with the patent pending “Visual ID Storage System”. The icons are strategically placed on specific pockets to maximize the protection and storage of each item. Not only do these icons take the work out of organizing your stuff, it makes it easy to quickly check your backpack to ensure that all essentials are present.

The specifications of the Tactical Bugout Backpack are:
Available in gray digital or tan

Material: 1000 Denier heavy duty nylon with DuPont™ Teflon® coating
Padded waist and compression straps for stability
Shoulder strap and carry handle for rapid deployment
Pullout rain cover for protection
Lockable retention system for pistols and magazines
YKK brand oversized self tracking, lockable zippers
MOLLE webbing system for adding accessories
Main compartment height: 16”
Main compartment length: 10”
Main compartment width: 3”
Four external pockets and seven internal pockets

The Tactical Bugout Backpack has a list of $169.99 but can be purchased online for as little as $135, and sometimes as low as $115 when placed on sale. At either price, it is a good deal and worth the price.

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