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The Gun Pro® AR15 Tool

This is the Swiss Army Knife for AR-platform owners. There are 35 tools essential for servicing some of the more common problems with your AR. We estimate that about 80% of them can be corrected with this tool. That is why you need one of these on your belt or pack when you venture into the boondocks. Nothing can spoil your day like a malfunctioning firearm.

This handy tool comes with a heavy duty nylon molle-compatible sheath and a single page instruction sheet on what tool does what. This is definitely a must-have tool for all AR shooters. Among the more commonly used components are:
1. Magnetic Small Parts Storage Compartment
2. Spring Loaded Hatch
3. Includes: 3/32″ Allen, 7/64 Allen, 1/8″ Allen, 9/64″ Allen, 3/16″ Allen ,
#1 Phillips, 3/32″ Flat, 3/16″ Flat, AR15 Pin Punch
4. Tap Hammer (Side-Mounted 1/4″ Bit Wrench on reverse side)
5. Lanyard Loop
6 Bolt Override
7. Torx T10
8. Torx T15
9. Torx T20
10. 9-Function Bolt Carrier Group Scraper
11. Cotter Pin Puller
12. 8-32 Threaded Receiver Fits Standard Gun Cleaning Rods, Cables and Brushes
13. Stainless Steel Internal Frame with Liner Locks
14. Fine Metal File
15. Bolt Carrier Carbon Scarper
16. 1/4″ Bit Driver
17. Claw-Point Utility Knife

The small red icon in the upper left corner of the picture does not come with this tool. That is our idea.
For ten bucks, you can, and should, pick up the Bore Boss .223. This compact accessory contains a bore brush and snake which will be very handy when you need to swab your barrel in the evening. With the Gun Pro AR15 and the Bore Boss .223, you will not risk ruining another hunting trip.

And what about the other 20% of the problems encountered with your AR? Well, that is what Real Avid's Tactical Maintenance Kit is for..... but, that is another story for another day.

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