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Real Avid Bore Boss® for AR15

By Mary & Dr. Jim Clary. Over the past few years, a new breed of firearms owners have emerged. It is difficult to pin point an exact time, whether it was when the AR platform rifles were introduced or with the advent of the polymer frame pistols; but, this new breed of owners are highly motivated to learn all of the finer points of how their weapons operate AND to be able to perform many of the tasks previously left to gunsmiths themselves.

With that demand for knowledge came a demand for better, higher quality and easier tools with which to DIY their firearms. That is where the folks at REAL AVID came into the picture. They tapped into the knowledge and experience of professional gunsmiths, armorers and builders across the world, adding to the mix law enforcement and military personnel to produce professional grade products for you and me. ALL of their equipment/tools are designed and tested in their laboratories and on the range before they are produced for the public. That is why we consider REAL AVID products among the best that can be obtained ….. anywhere. And NO, we are not paid for our opinions nor are we employees of REAL AVID. We just believe that their tools are well built, easy to use and priced right. That makes them a winner in our view.

With the above being said, we decided to take a look at their Gun Boss for the AR15 platforms. Now, everyone has an excess of gun cleaning tools. Cleaning rods of all sizes and lengths, patches of every size and enough brushes/jags to swab an army arsenal. But, very few of us have a single kit that is designed specifically for the AR15 which is small enough to easily fit into your range bag. The Gun Boss is just such a kit.

If you take another look at the picture at the head of this review you will see what we mean. The star chamber cleaning pads are ideal for cleaning the bore or adding lubricant to keep the bolt functioning properly. And the star chamber brush is unique in the industry. Add into the mix the required picks, jags and punch for the take down tool and you have an almost complete package. All that was needed was the six piece sections of a 33” cleaning rod with a rotating seventh section, T-handle and a convenient carrying case to produce a complete package that every AR shooter should have.

With an MSRP of $29.99, it is a real bargain. If you have an AR-platform rifle, you really need to consider picking up one of these kits... you will never regret it.

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