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Real Avid's Multi-Tool Pistol System (Gun Tool AMP)

By: Mary and Dr. Jim Clary

We can't say for sure, but if we were in Vegas, we would be betting that Dave Steiner (president of Real Avid) and Howard Tripp (Chief Innovation Officer) are shooters and hunters. The reason for that statement is clear to anyone who has ever used a Real Avid product. They are designed with the DIY shooter/hunter in mind, to make field maintenance/repairs and cleaning easier and more efficient.

We have tested (and still use in our shop) several Real Avid products, including their Bore Boss and Master Cleaning Station. They are well designed and priced right. Thus, when we saw the new Multi-Tool, more accurately called the Gun Tool AMP, we knew that they had to be added to our inventory of essential equipment to review. We weren't disappointed.

There are three AMPs: one for Pistols, one for the “Colt” 1911 and one for the AR-15. In this review, we will only cover the two pistol AMPs and deal with the AMP-AR15 in a separate review later on.

The AMPs consist of two parts: The multi-tool and its quick-deploy holster. The latter not only provides a secure storage unit for the multi-tool but it also stores a 9 function magnetic bit set and driver. The multi-tools on the AMP Pistol and 1911 are the same, with the exception that the 1911 AMP also includes a Government Barrel Bushing Wrench with an Officer Barrel Bushing Wrench on the reverse side. And, the knives are different on each unit. We aren't sure why, but they are and appear to be constructed from good quality steel. (they sharpen up easily after heavy use)

The following illustrates the tools on each AMP:

#1: 2.6” Wharncliffe knife blade on AMP Pistol (#1 insert – 2.6” Drop-point knife blade on AMP 1911)
#2: Titanium & Black Oxide finishes
#3: Laser sight / trigger adjustment hex keys – 0.28”, 0.35”, 0.50”, 1/16”
#4: 3/32” pin punch
#5: Tap hammer
#6: Flat carbon scraper
#7: Metal file
#8: Bottle opener
#9: Pick
#10: Nut wrench – 4mm, 5mm, 1/4”, 5/16
#11: Barrel bushing wrench(s) on AMP 1911 (insert)

The holster with its Molle compatible belt clip stores the magnetic bits, which are different for each AMP. The following bits are included in their respective holsters:
AMP Pistol: 5/64” hex, 3/32” hex, 7/64” hex, T15, #1 Phillips, 1/8” flat, 3/16” flat, 1/4” flat, 9mm flat
AMP 1911: 3/32” hex, 1/8” hex, T10, T15, 5/32” flat, 3/16” flat, 7/32” flat, 1/4” flat, Flame Bushing Tool

The numbers on the holster illustration indicate: #1 Quick Release lever to deploy the AMP multi-tool, #2 the storage areas for the magnetic bits, #3 Molle compatible belt clip and #4 Fold Out Bit Driver.

In case you are wondering how the multi-tool and holster go together, the illustration below “says it all”. The multi-tool slides right into the holster and locks firmly in place.

All of the tools in the multi-tool are stainless steel and lock firmly in place when deployed or when not in use. If you get the idea that the folks at Real Avid thought of everything when they designed these units, you would be right. We cannot think of anything else that they should/would want to put on them for field maintenance on a hunting trip or at the range.

If you have pistols, adding the AMP Pistol/1911 to your “must have” list is a no-brainer. You will find that the MSRP of $69.99 is a bargain and will save a lot of headaches in the field. BTW- we ordered all three, just to make sure that we were covered for all contingencies.

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