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Precision Detailing Tools for All Firearms

This is NOT another gun cleaning kit. This is a supplement set of detailing/finishing tools that are lacking in regular gun cleaning kits. From the brass carbon scrapers that will not marr your firearm to the picks, these are incredibly useful tools that are essential if you are serious about keeping your firearms in optimum condition. They are neatly organized in the stand-up case which can also be hung on a peg board.

The Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning tools kit includes:
1. Peg Board Hole
2. Ergonomic Handle
3. 2 Steel Rod Sections
4. Kickstand Tool Case
5. Nylon Cleaning Brush
6. 5/32″ Steel Pin Punch
7. 3/32″ Steel Pin Punch
8. Hooked Steel Pick
9. Straight Steel Pick
10. Straight Brass Scraper
11. 90 Angled Brass Scraper
12, Oil Application Brush
After you have used the tools in this kit, you will wonder how you ever got long without them. We are keeping this one and adding it to our reloading bench.

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