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G.P.S. Rapid Deployment Pack

By: Mary and Dr. Jim Clary

With the turmoil in the country today and continued assaults on our 2nd Amendment rights, a lot of folks want to have a bugout pack that can be “stocked” with their favorite pistol, its magazines and multiple mags for our MSR, This deployment pack fills that need. It is made with the usual 1000 Denier material with Teflon coating that has become synonymous with G.P.S. equipment. As you would expect, this pack has a variety of external Hook and Loop, as well as MOLLE webbing, attachment options. You have the capability of hanging just about anything that you want on this pack.
This pack is configured for either left or right shoulder carry and, as one would expect, the removable handgun holster can also be configured for left or right hand draw. That is especially important to Jim. As a leftie, he has complained for years that the outdoor world pretty much forgot about left-handed people. It was not too long ago that there were no left handed bolt action rifles and trying to find a left-handed holster was like searching for the Tooth Fairy.
If you get the idea that we like this pack, you are right. Rather than spend a lot of time (and words) going on and on about what you can stuff into it, since the list is practically endless, we will simply list what we have put into it.
The G.P.S. Deployment Pack easily accommodates the following (all at once):
· Six AR magazines externally (with a removable cover over the pouches)
· Two external pistol magazines in side pouches
· Two shotgun pods, each with 4 shells (we carried some wicked loads)
· Water bottle
· Three additional pistol magazines in their own pouches
· An extra box of 12 gauge shotgun shells
· Our cell phone, first aid kit, two knives, a pair of Baofeng FRS/GMRS radios (and yes, we also have a pair in the G.P.S. Tactical Backpack), a COAST flashlight, matches and some snacks.
· One extra AR magazine (just in case)
There was still room for more stuff. However, it was getting a bit heavy, so we stopped there.
With a 2020 MSRP of $89.99, this pack will find a lot of applications for both the casual and hardcore shooter. I sure wish we had something like this when I was in the military; but of course, we didn't have cell phones or water bottles back then. Hell, when our daughter was younger, she thought Jim used a muzzleloader in the war. Since he is a bit older than me..............maybe he did!

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