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A Field Shotgun Kit by Real Avid

Whether you are in a duck blind in the swamps or kicking the brush for pheasants, sooner or later you are going to trip and get mud in the muzzle of your shotgun. If it hasn't happened to you yet, give it time....... it will. Under those circumstances, this little kit is just what the “doctor ordered”.

This is not a cleaning kit for your workbench or even at the range. This small and compact kit is designed for emergency use in the field. You carry it in your pocket or in your pack. When you need it, it is there to save the day. The components all snap into place so there is no rattling or noise The components include:
1. Compact, Weather Resistant, Zippered Case with Ballistic Nylon Shell
2. T-Handle
3. 7-Section Rod System with Swivel Tip combine to form a 33” rod
4. Cleaning Patches
5. 12 Ga. Mop.
6. 20 Ga. Mop
7. Slotted Tip
8. 20 Ga. Brush
9. 12 Ga. Brush
We spend hundreds of dollars on our excursions into the field, a twenty dollar kit is well worth the peace of mind that it provides. We are keeping this one... in fact, we are ordering another one for our daughter.

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