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Jeff Park’s Crossbones EDC

In recent years there has literally been a flood of small flipper EDC knives. Not that there isn’t a place for them in the market, but most are more difficult to deploy than a full sized EDC. The reason is the smaller handle reduces the grip and hence, reduces the amount of force that can be applied to the flipper. The end result…. Slow or delayed deployment.

The Crossbones is an exception to the rule. This well designed blade makes maximum benefit of the slim design, with none of the shortcomings. That was accomplished by the rippling on the handle, which provide a positive grip in the hand. Why no one thought of that before, we don’t know, but Jeff did and it works for this little knife.

This is a knife that can be worn in a shirt pocket, on medical scrubs or with a dress suit without drawing attention. It is very unobtrusive, yet it can be rapidly deployed when needed. The smooth deployment is assisted by the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system that was invented by Flavio Ikoma and his friend Rick Lala of Korth. The "I" stands for Ikoma and the "K" for Korth. It speaks highly of the generosity of these two men that they allow all knife makers to use their system for free.

The specifications of the Crossbones are:
Blade Length: 3.54” (89.81 mm)
Blade Edge: Plain
Blade Steel: AUS 8
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Thickness: 0.12” (3.15 mm)
Overall Length: 8.06” (204.80 mm)
Closed Length: 4.50” (114.38)
Weight: 2.40 oz (68.04 g)
Handle: Two-tone 6061 Aluminum
Style: Folding knife with liner lock

If you have been looking for an EDC knife that you can carry all the time, without drawing attention, this is the knife for you. And BTW, the blade is very, very sharp.

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