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Caldwell Lead Sled FCX

This is the most advanced and precise lead sled produced by Caldwell. It is what big bore shooters who spend a fair amount of time on the range testing new loads for accuracy and checking out how they perform at various distances. Without a lead sled, the pain would rapidly become unbearable... I can attest to that after testing a 45-70 lever gun with three different handloads.

The signature component of the FCX is the Fire Control front rest. We have owned and have used a variety of other front rests for sighting in our guns as well in F-Class and Benchrest competition. Some commercially available and others custom made by well-known shooters. All have worked satisfactorily over the years, but all had the same limitation.... it took a lot of "tweaking" to get the crosshairs of our scope back on target.

That is no longer a problem with the Fire Control rest. The control arm allows for continuous adjustment of the front forend support with your fingers. And unlike conventional front rests, you can do this without changing your shooting position to loosen or tighten the front platform. It is not only easy, but it is precise.
The rest has the capability of making elevation adjustments up to 60 MOA. That translates into approximately five feet of adjustment at 100 yards. Most long range rifles use a 20 MOA rail and a scope with an additional 40-50 MOA elevation adjustment which makes this front rest a perfect fit.
The FCX comes with a 50 lb bag which is a custom-fitted for the tray beneath the rest Add another 25 pounds of weight and you obtain a recoil reduction of 75%. That means a 45-70 will now shoot like a .243 Winchester.

The specifications for the FCX are:
Dimensions: 35 inches L x 13 inches W
Weight: 22 lbs
Contoured Rear Cradle to protect butt stock finish
Adjustable notched rear frame support allows for adjustment of the length of the rest to accommodate most all firearms
Non-skid rubber feet for stability
Adjust windage and elevations without removing gun from rest or moving rest.
An additional 3-lobe front bag for target rifles with wide/flat forends is included

With a price point of $394.99, the FCX is not cheap. However, given its capabilities and the fact that it does reduce felt recoil by 75% it is worth considering. Also, when you are done “playing” with your big bore rifles, the FCX front rest can be detatched from the cradle. As such, you have a Lead Sled when you need one, and a stand-alone front rest of top quality for everyday use. The price now looks pretty good, so we decided to keep it.

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