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COAST Polysteel 700 Flashlight

It seems like just about every company making outdoors equipment produce their own line of flashlights. Most are of average quality… they throw out light before they wear out, burn out or just break. However, There is one company that has been producing high quality camping and work products for many years. That company is COAST, with a legacy of quality products begun by its founder, Henry W. Brands, over 100 years ago.

We have reviewed many products produced by this company over the years and have never found an inferior one. They just keep “raising the bar” in the industry with each new introduction. So it is with the Polysteel 700.

The Polysteel 700 is not the most powerful light that COAST makes. It “only” throws out 800 lumens (which will blind most folks). The remarkable aspect of the 700 are the side lights which allow this flashlight to double as an area “lantern” when needed. And, they flash red if needed in an emergeny.

Add in the fact that the pure beam focus allows one to go from a flood light to a bullseye spot with the twist of the bezel. However, the single most important feature of this light was the drop test. Who throws a flashlight off a 100 foot building onto a concrete drive? COAST did and the light survived.
It kind of reminds me of the old Timex watch saying, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking” Well, the Polysteel 700 did just that. You can watch the video at “”

If you want a great flashlight, at a ridiculously low price (50 bucks), that absolutely will not break or let you down…………… THIS IS THE LIGHT TO BUY. Whether you are a trucker, camper, or outdoorsman…. OR you just want a reliable flashlight/area light, this is the one for you. We bought two… one for the house and one for the truck. And before we forget, there is a magnet in the tail cap so that you can attach the light to any magnetic surface while you work, hands free.

Specifications of the Polysteel 700 Flashlight
BATTERY TYPE 4 x AA (Alkaline) included or ZX650
LENGTH 7.9 in / 20 cm
DIAMETER 2 in / 5.08 cm

LIGHT OUTPUT (High) 800 Lumens
• BEAM DISTANCE (High) 853 ft / 260 m
• RUNTIME (High) 3 h 30 min

LIGHT OUTPUT (Medium) 380 Lumens
• BEAM DISTANCE (Medium) 574 ft / 175 m
• RUNTIME (Medium) 11 h
LIGHT OUTPUT (Low) 105 Lumens
• BEAM DISTANCE (Low) 295 ft / 90 m
• RUNTIME (Low) 40 h

LIGHT OUTPUT (DoubleSide Area Light) 510 Lumens
• RUNTIME 3 h 45 min
LIGHT OUTPUT (Single Side Area Light) 360 Lumens
• RUNTIME 4 h 45 min

If all of the above was not enough to convince you… the Polysteel 700 has a Lifetime Warranty.

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