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COAST Emergency Area Lantern EAL22

By Mary & Dr. Jim Clary

Before the advent of LEDs, we had a choice of Coleman white gas lanterns, propane lanterns, oil/kerosene lamps and battery lanterns with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Coleman and propane lanterns were the brightest and most popular, but the mantles tended to break if you bumped the lantern too hard, or it fell over, and the fuel was very flammable.

Their combustion byproducts were deadly. They could only be used safely where there was good ventilation. These were their major short-comings.

After LEDs were developed, it was not long before they were incorporated into area lanterns, rendering most other lantern types obsolete. The Coast EAL22 LED lantern can safely be used anywhere, including in your tent, camper or house. This is a major advantage over propane and white gas lanterns.

Specifications of the EAL22:
GLOBE (No Diffuser)
Light Output (High): 1,300 lumens
Beam Distance: 20 meters
Runtime: 4 hours & 30 minutes
Light Output (Medium): 755 lumens
Beam Distance: 16 meters
Runtime: 9 hours
Light Output (Low): 90 lumens
Beam Distance: 6 meters
Runtime: 40 hours

WITH DIFFUSER (over Globe)
Light Output (High): 675 lumens
Beam Distance: 19 meters
Light Output (Medium): 400 lumens
Beam Distance: 15 meters
Light Output (Low): 48 lumens
Beam Distance: 5 meters
Body Material: Fiberglass filled nylon body with polycarbonate globe
Without Globe: 4.21 inches (10.69 cm)
With Globe: 9.13 inches (23.2 cm)
Weight: 40.57 ounces (1,150 g)

There are a few LED lanterns on the market that have a higher lumen output, but they require more batteries, have substantially shorter run times and are not as robust as the EAL22.

The Coast EAL22 is, arguably, the one of the best compromises available. It uses only three D cell batteries, provides up to 40 hours of runtime and offers a 1,300 lumen maximum output. The lantern's polycarbonate diffuser/globe (which is virtually unbreakable) cuts the output by approximately 48% (from 1,300 lumens to 675 lumens). Yet, with the diffuser in place, the lantern still puts out more lumens than any comparable lantern on the market.

This lantern is IPX4 rated. In other words, it is storm proof, being both weather and impact resistant. Using the on/off button, you can cycle between high, medium or low (energy saving), red and flashing red light modes.

The flashing red light mode makes the EAL22 a handy light to have in your vehicle in case of a breakdown, or accident. The continuous red light mode will appeal to campers and amateur astronomers for preserving as much night vision as possible while setting-up camp/instruments. This Coast unit is guaranteed for 5 years against defects in materials and workmanship. With a 2021 MSRP of $39.99, the Coast EAL22 has to be one of the best lantern deals around.

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