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COAST Emergency Area Lantern EAL 13

While we were conducting our tests on the COAST EAL22, we found ourselves wishing that they also produced a smaller version for carrying in a backpack or vehicle console. Our reasoning was that the construction of the EAL22 was so rugged that it would be logical to produce a smaller version for overnighters, backpackers or for emergency use in our vehicles.

Well, in checking the COAST catalog, they had already figured that one out and we soon had an EAL13 for testing and review. It was everything that we hoped for and more. It weighs less than a pound, is slightly over six inches high and uses only 3 AA batteries. Yet, it kicks out 330 lumens in the high mode with a runtime of over 4 hours and 180 lumens in medium mode running for 13 hours. This unit is exactly what every backpacker needs. It would also be handy to have in your vehicle in case of an emergency as it has a continuous red and flashing red function.

This unit has the same tough, drop-proof nylon body and polycarbonate dome and globe construction found on the EAL22. This lantern is IPX4 rated. In other words, it is storm proof, being both weather and impact resistant and its LEDs are virtually unbreakable.

There is a carabiner on both the top and bottom of the unit allowing it to be hung just about anywhere. There are also four embedded magnets on the bottom which will firmly attach the lantern to any steel surface (a camp stove or vehicle fender)

Using the on/off button, you can cycle between high, medium or low (energy saving), red and flashing red light modes. The continuous red light mode preserves most of your night vision.

The Specifications of the EAL13 are:
GLOBE (without diffuser)
Light Output (High): 330 lumens
Beam Distance: 36 ft. / 11 meters
Runtime: 4 hours & 45 minutes
Light Output (Medium): 180 lumens
Beam Distance: 26 ft. / 8 meters
Runtime: 13 hours
Light Output (Low): 20 lumens
Beam Distance: 9 ft. / 3 meters
Runtime: 120 hours
WITH DIFFUSER (over Globe)
Light Output (High): 180 lumens
Beam Distance: 10 meters
Light Output (Medium): 100 lumens
Beam Distance: 7 meters
Light Output (Low): 10 lumens
Beam Distance: 2 meters
Body Material: Fiberglass filled nylon body with polycarbonate diffuser
Height: With Diffuser: 6.22 in / 15.79 cm):
Diameter; 2.36 in. / 5.99 cm
Weight: 15 oz / 203 kg

The EAL13 is covered by Coast's warranty for 5 years against defects in materials and workmanship. With a 2021 MSRP of $28.99, there is not a better unit for backpackers on the market. AND, it would be very handy in your vehicle in case of trouble. In fact, this EAL13 is already in the center console of our truck.

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